Daddy, long ago
J Ramón Palacios
 Camera   Nikkormat FS, handheld
 Lens  135mm f/2.8 Steinheil Tele Quinar with blue filter
 Aperture   f/4
 Shutter speed   1/60 sec
 Film  Agfa Pan 50
 Date  Autumn of 1966
 Location  Some coffee shop in Monterrey, Mexico
 Additional info   This is a picture of my father. Very special to me because
 of the profund sentiment and reverence, but also because
 I don't seem to find another one.  Typical of the portraits
 I took then; guessing the exposure, without a flash, slow
 breathing before and while shooting. I love the new toys 
 but at times them seem more an impediment than an aid 
 to take pictures like this, from the heart.
 Or maybe my eyes are becoming blind, from the heart.

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