Drinking frog
J Ramón Palacios
 Camera   Nikon FE2, handheld
 Lens  85mm f/2 Nikkor, UV filter
 Aperture   f/4
 Shutter speed   1/125 sec
 Film  Konica Centuria 200
 Date  Summer, 2000
 Location  The frontyard fountain at my home in Monterrey, Mexico 
 Additional info   This is a close-up of a cast iron frog on a stone fountain. 
 I had to take some pictures of my F4s to illustrate a long 
 due review. Not having a macro lens at hand, I decided to
 take out one of my old FE2 bodies with the 85mm f/2 Nikkor. 
 Once done I turned around and saw this image. Too bad I 
 only had one frame left on the roll. Sharp lens, even almost
 wide open and at close range.