Silent Bull Frog
J Ramón Palacios
 Camera   Nikon F4s
 Lens  AF zoom 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 micro Nikkor, at about 200mm
 Aperture   Wide open, f/4.5
 Shutter speed   Most probably 1/60 sec
 Film  Konica VX 200 (Pushed to 800. This film line has been substituted with
 the Konica Centuria line, ISO 100, 200, 400 & 800)
 Date  Early Autumn 1998
 Location  Frontyard garden fountain, at my home in Monterrey, Mexico
 Additional info   It was getting dark fast, but no faster film at hand and the shot
 was there. I knew that if I were to go for a tripod the light would be
 long gone when ready. So I ventured handheld, pushing two stops.
 I made three shots from various angles and the light was all gone.
 The bull frog is silent because it is casted iron.