Brief Love Story
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Brief Love Story
by J. Ramón Palacios

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And so it began
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The first Nikons
The kids
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The F4s and beyond
An endless
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Adventures in the Sierra Madre

The Nikkormats  ...

With increased frequency my meterless Nikkormat FS stayed at home alone, because I only had then a single lens for her, the least used, the (for me then) misnamed 'normal' 50mm f/1.4; although it was great for available light shots. 

Although it took 10 years, this family began to grow too and soon my FS had a FT2 little sister with an ergonomic and sculptural black body, integrated exposure meter and hot shoe, and two more Nikkor lenses: 28mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/2, plus a German 135mm Steinheil Tele-Quinar f/2.8.


Nikkormat FT2 - Nippon Kogaku K. K. - 1975, Tokyo, Japan


Equipped with so formidable arsenal, one good day I took the gadget bag containing the Exa and the two Exaktas, full with their lenses, filters, shutter release cords, sunshades, mini tripods and exposure meter; took it to my father's home and gave it to him.

He asked me nothing.
He said "Thanks", which I did not understand; I owed thanks to him: at least half of that equipment was his. 

So I asked him "Why thanks?" and he just answered: ".. for using them for me and for doing it well".

I have never seen them again (and apparently he neither), but they persist in the memory of the palm of my hands, the tip of my fingers and in my memory.

From time to time and suddenly, my left hand searches for the shutter of the Exakta, in other camera and where it is no more.

The young family at Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City
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