Brief Love Story
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Brief Love Story
by J. Ramón Palacios

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And so it began
  Medium format
  35mm SLR
  The Exakta's
The first Nikon's
  Her ...
The kids
and the Exaktas
The Nikkormats
The FE2
Into the land of Nikon
The MD-12s
Upgrading ...
The F4s and beyond
» An endless
love story ...
Adventures in the Sierra Madre
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An endless love story  ...

I have wanted to later complement this theme with a 'technical' section -without complexities, or rushing, at leisure- of the basic principles of photography: optics, mechanics, composition technique and other areas of possible interest such as underwater photography, digital imaging and the arcane secrets to TTL flash.
SLR schematics
My son -an economist by profession, TV host and producer, marketer, Internet whiz and youth motivator among many many other things- approves of this site and insists I should add galleries and comments on equipment by topic, like skiing, diving, hunting, horse showjumping and so on.

We shall see later on. I would need to do some mining into my files, not so well organized after a few floods and several moves between cities and countries. 

But, paying attention to his advice, in the meantime you are invited you to see a truly brief account of our early "Adventures in the Sierra Madre"

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